Watch the videos to learn all about smart selection tools.

If you’re committed to creating a productive, healthy, stress-free workplace, you’ll find these videos fascinating. Find out how the smart use of assessments can make you an organizational rock star!

Overview of Global Peak Solutions

Explore why companies make hiring decisions that don’t work out. And learn about the selection tools that can make a difference.

Assessments 101: What You Need To Know

There are three main categories of assessments. What can each of them can tell you about a person? Watch and find out.

Hiring the Right People

See how top performers are chosen by smart companies. And find out how assessments can increase your odds of making a great choice.

The Value of your Sales Staff

In this insightful video, you’ll find out how to put monetary value on different types of salespeople, so you can do some strategic planning of your salesforce.

Measuring the Character of Your Next Hire

How do you fit the right person to the right job? How can you avoid bad hires? This short video offers some interesting food for thought.

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Talent acquisition tools can more than double your chance of choosing A-level employees. They’ll also help you uncover essential info that an interview alone is unlikely to reveal.


Predict in advance which employees would make good leaders. And assess what training or support people will need to help them grow and maximize their potential.


Determine whether your top employees are likely to stay. Then learn what kind of support or incentives will work best for keeping each top performer engaged and safely on your team.