Assessments for Retaining Talent: You Can Reduce Employee Turnover

We don’t have to tell you — ongoing employee turnover can have a devastating effect on your company and its ability to serve customers. Retaining employees, especially your top performers, means uncovering what types of incentives or support each one needs to stay happy and productive. And that’s exactly what assessments can tell you.

Predict the most effective ways to improve employee engagement in your organization

Workplace Engagement Survey™

The Workplace Engagement Survey™ (WES) measures the degree to which your employees connect with their work and feel committed to the organization and its goals. Results reveal what influences employee engagement across all of your workforce segments, and how your employees compare statistically to the overall working population.

In addition, the (WES) also measures “satisfaction with employer” and “satisfaction with manager” across your entire organizations, which are key to driving discretionary effort, performance and reducing employee turnover. Actionable recommendations are suggested for your organization to increase positive employee engagement. You can assess your company’s employee engagement strengths and weaknesses, and do something about it!

Discover how to get the best performance out of each & every employee

The Birkman Method®

The Birkman Method is an assessment tool that helps you hire the right person, promote people into positions where they will succeed, build higher performing teams, develop your leaders, and reduce interpersonal workplace conflict. This “what makes people tick” assessment measures 5 dimensions that reach beyond mere self-described behavior to identify the underlying motivations that truly drive and inspire individuals. It also uncovers hidden strengths and talents in individuals that will benefit your organization, and assist in retaining employees.

Common Uses for The Birkman Method® include:

  • Hiring / Selection
  • Retention
  • Management development
  • Team building
  • Conflict management
  • Succession Planning

This powerful assessment tool provides unique insight into factors that impact individual and team effectiveness and actionable tools to help individuals succeed and retain talent.

What else can assessments do? Measure peoples’ level of engagement, quantify strengths and weaknesses, and identify when and how an employee needs help. Aren’t these things you’d want to know? Build a better team. Reduce employee turnover. See how it works.


Talent acquisition tools can more than double your chance of choosing A-level employees. They’ll also help you uncover essential info that an interview alone is unlikely to reveal.


Predict in advance which employees would make good leaders. And assess what training or support people will need to help them grow and maximize their potential.


Determine whether your top employees are likely to stay. Then learn what kind of support or incentives will work best for keeping each top performer engaged and safely on your team.