Workforce planning depends on smart talent acquisition, development and retention.

Global Peak Solutions makes on-target assessment tools surprisingly simple and
affordable for organizations just like yours.


Talent acquisition tools can more than double your chance of choosing A-level employees. They’ll also help you uncover essential info that an interview alone is unlikely to reveal.


Predict in advance which employees would make good leaders. And assess what training or support people will need to help them grow and maximize their potential.


Determine whether your top employees are likely to stay. Then learn what kind of support or incentives will work best for keeping each top performer engaged and safely on your team.

I was a little skeptical at first, but the assessment tools offered through Global Peak Solutions were remarkably accurate. They helped us avoid bad hires and focus our employee development efforts

-Tim Murray, President, TechKnowledge Corp

Which issues are most challenging for you?

Learn how assessments can help!

  • New hires that don’t work out
  • Inefficient team performance
  • Too few top performers
  • Suspected employee theft
  • Workplace conflict
  • Frequent absenteeism
  • High employee turnover
  • High recruiting costs
  • Poor sales performance
  • Poor management skills
  • No clear choices for promotions
  • Low employee motivation

What does a bad hire really cost you?

Studies have shown that an entry-level employee who soon fails ends up costing the organization 50% of their annual salary. For an executive, that loss can be as high as 400%. Companies who have begun using hiring assessments found that these talent acquisition tools cost less than they expected, and ended up saving them more than they ever imagined.

Assessments 101:
What you need to know

Quickly learn about the different types of
assessments, and how they could be useful
to you and your organization.